Fancy Footage Club

About Us

Learn a little more about the who, what, and why behind Fancy Footage Club

The Problem

There is a healthy selection of beautiful stock photography – to the benefit of smaller organizations and individuals who can’t afford or source quality artwork – but very little video. And when you can find video, there is rarely fair compensation for the content creators. Why?

We set out to bring designers great footage to push their designs forward while fairly compensating & highlighting the talented videographers who made that footage possible. Our goal is to bring these two communities together for the better of expression on the web.

The Project

Fancy Footage Club produces, purchases, and curates high quality stock footage for the web. Each month, we send our curated collection of videos – compressed for the web and edited to loop – to our community of designers, web developers, and artists looking to push forward their craft. Our contributors are always credited and paid for their footage. We regularly promote our contributors on Instagram and share thoughts and conversations about web design through Twitter and Facebook.

The Team

Andrew Nater

Co-founder, Designer, Developer

Kevin Halladay-Glynn

Co-founder, Designer, Producer