Fancy Footage Club

We believe you should be paid for your footage.

You’ll earn cash and direct exposure to thousands of creatives when your footage is featured in our library.

How It Works

Fancy Footage Club features snippets of footage from excellent video artists and shares their work with thousands of designers, filmmakers, marketers, and entrepreneurs. We feature 5 footage loops every month - purchased at $50 - in order to maximize exposure to the artists. The goal is to give artists a space to try something new or promote outstanding work that would otherwise live on the cutting room floor.

January's Theme Is Celebration

🎉 🙌 🍻

We’ve been around for one year! So, we felt it was only appropriate to make our first open submission theme celebration. We’re hoping to highlight the excitement, joy, and endless possibility of a new year. Bring your camera to a bumpin’ party or dive into a dusty hard drive for that perfect shot. Can’t wait to see what you come up with!

What does great footage look like?

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